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Welcome to Southview Homes®

New Jersey custom home builder, Southview Homes® is a premier custom home builder that offers its clients technologically advanced and high quality engineering and modular building systems for their coastal and conventional mainland projects, as well as constructing projects employing conventional stick-framing as the circumstances warrant.

Southview is experienced in conceiving its clients’ architectural conceptual designs and floor plans, extending the conceptual designs through its manufacturers’ engineering and providing complete services to guide the client through building amenities, finishes and material selections. When a client prefers conventional stick-framing construction with its architect, Southview is experienced in the integration of those architectural services into its home building process. Additionally, Southview is quite experienced in facilitating the client’s civil and structural engineering with the client’s licensed design professionals and expediting the municipal permitting process.

Building along the Jersey shore requires specialized environmental expertise in municipal, state and federal codes and requirements. Southview is well accomplished on all phases of coastal design requirements, included elevated structures, coastal foundation systems, and floor planning requirements developed to meet the expectations of a most discerning clientele. And for clients seeking financial awards from New Jersey’s Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) program, Southview is experienced with the RREM process, having completed and actively designing new home replacements for clients who have received RREM awards.

Simply stated, Southview is experienced and committed to designing and building your new home to the finest quality and specifications you should expect!!

Southview Homes®… your best choice for modular homes in NJ!


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